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Keep Your Commercial Space Clean and Hygienic with Regular Cleaning


Having a clean and well-maintained commercial space is essential for the success of any business. Not only does it create a positive impression on clients and visitors, but it also helps maintain the health and safety of your employees. However, cleaning a commercial space can be daunting, especially when you have a large area to cover. Therefore, it's essential to identify the top areas of commercial space that require regular cleaning to ensure your space remains clean and hygienic.


The Reception Area


The reception area is your clients' and visitors' first point of contact. Therefore, it's crucial to keep this area clean and well-maintained. This includes the reception desk, seating areas, and floors. Dust and debris can accumulate quickly, especially in high-traffic areas, so regular cleaning is essential. A clean and well-maintained reception area creates a positive impression on clients and visitors and sets the tone for the rest of the building.


The Office Space


The office space is where your employees spend most of their time. Clean and well-maintained office space can significantly impact productivity and morale. Therefore, ensuring the office space is cleaned regularly is important. This includes desks, chairs, computer screens, and floors. Dust and debris can accumulate quickly, so regular cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic work environment.


The Washroom


The washroom is one of the most critical areas of a commercial space that requires regular cleaning. This includes the toilets, sinks, and floors. A dirty restroom not only creates a negative impression on clients and visitors but can also pose health risks to your employees. Therefore, ensuring the washroom is cleaned and sanitized regularly is important. This includes using high-quality cleaning products and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces.


The Kitchen and Break Room


Your employees gather to eat and socialize in the kitchen and break room. Therefore, it's important to ensure these areas are clean and hygienic. This includes cleaning the countertops, appliances, floors, and tables. Food spills and debris can accumulate quickly, so regular cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.


The Staircases and Hallways


Staircases and hallways are areas that are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning a commercial space. However, these areas can accumulate dust and debris quickly, especially in high-traffic areas. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. This includes vacuuming, mopping, and dusting to ensure all surfaces are clean and well-maintained.


The Windows and Glass Surfaces


Windows and glass surfaces are often overlooked when cleaning a commercial space. However, these areas can quickly accumulate dirt and grime, especially in areas with high traffic or near roads. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a clear view and prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. This includes using high-quality cleaning products and wiping the glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth to ensure no streaks or smudges.


The Carpets and Rugs


Carpets and rugs are often the first to show signs of wear and tear in a commercial space. Foot traffic, spills, and stains can all contribute to a dirty and unsanitary carpet. Regular cleaning removes dirt, dust, and bacteria from the fibres. This includes vacuuming and deep cleaning to ensure the carpet is clean and well-maintained.


The Elevators


Elevators are another area of a commercial space that requires regular cleaning. These enclosed spaces can accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria quickly. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that the elevator remains clean and hygienic. This includes wiping down the buttons, handrails, and walls with a disinfectant solution and ensuring the floor is clean and well-maintained.


The Outdoor Areas


Outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and parking lots are also important commercial space areas requiring regular cleaning. These areas can quickly accumulate dirt, debris, and litter, especially in areas with high foot or vehicle traffic. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure the outdoor areas remain clean and well-maintained. This includes sweeping, pressure washing, and removing any litter or debris.


The HVAC System


The HVAC system is an essential component of any commercial space. However, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants if not properly maintained. Regular HVAC system cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure that it functions efficiently and provides clean air for your employees and clients. This includes changing the filters regularly, cleaning the ducts, and ensuring the system runs smoothly.


The Storage Areas


Storage areas such as closets and cabinets can also accumulate dust and debris quickly. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that these areas remain clean and well-maintained. This includes wiping down the shelves, vacuuming the floor, and ensuring all items are organized and stored properly.


The Conference Rooms


Conference rooms are often the centre of business meetings and presentations. Therefore, it's essential to ensure these areas are clean and well-maintained. This includes cleaning the tables, chairs, and floors and ensuring all audiovisual equipment is clean and functional.


The Reception Area Plants


Plants can add a touch of greenery and life to a commercial space. However, they can also accumulate dust and debris quickly. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the plants are essential to remain healthy and vibrant. This includes wiping down the leaves, watering the plants, and ensuring that they receive adequate sunlight.


The High-Touch Surfaces


High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and handrails can harbour bacteria and viruses. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of these surfaces are essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. This includes using a disinfectant solution and thoroughly cleaning all high-touch surfaces.


The Breakroom Appliances


Breakroom appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers can accumulate spills and stains quickly. Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that these appliances remain clean and functional. This includes wiping down the surfaces, emptying and cleaning the refrigerator, and ensuring that all appliances.


In conclusion, regular cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial space. By identifying the top areas that require regular cleaning, you can ensure that your space remains clean and well-maintained. This not only creates a positive impression on clients and visitors but also provides the health and safety of your employees. Remember to use high-quality cleaning products and to clean and sanitize all surfaces thoroughly to maintain a healthy and hygienic work environment.

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How to Clean Mould from Your Air Conditioning Unit



Mould can be a severe issue in warm and moist areas that don’t get plenty of light. Unfortunately, your air conditioner may be an area where mould growth could pop up if you’re not maintaining it. Organic matter such as airborne dirt and dust may build up in the filter, giving mould plenty of nutrients to grow. You can prevent this by cleaning or replacing the filter regularly.


Common Signs of Mould in Your Air Conditioner


There are a few signs you can look for when it comes to mould growth in the air conditioner. One of the most obvious signs is that a musty scent fills the air when you turn on the air conditioner. The odour comes from mildew inside, as the scent can be limited to a single room for window-mounted, freestanding or wall-mounted air conditioners. Still, it may also fill your home if you have mould buildup in the central AC unit.


You may also notice larger mould patches, such as green-black or fuzzy black particles, which clearly indicate mould. Mould may also come in white, pink, yellow, orange, green and brown, but black is the most common colour.


How to Check for Mould in Your Air Conditioner


If that lingering musty smell is an obvious sign of mould, you should check the air conditioner to see if you have that problem. That means inspecting the smaller, mounted or freestanding unit by unplugging it and removing the front or back grill to reach the filter.


You should pull the filter out and check it for brown, green or black spots and stains with a fuzzy look. If the filter lacks any signs of mould, you should get a flashlight and inspect the inside of the unit, as mildew can produce a powdery grey or white stain.


If you have a central AC unit, this is a more difficult process, as the unit is largely hard to access. You can use a flashlight to check the supply vents, air ducts, exterior AC unit or fan for any signs of mould, but for a deeper look, you will need to hire a professional HVAC maintenance company.


What to Do If You Have Mould in Your Air Conditioner


Finding mould in the air conditioner is an issue you need to handle right away. If the mould heavily infests your small air conditioner, it’s best to replace the unit with a new one since there is a high chance the mould will keep living inside the appliance in hard-to-reach places. If the mould is fairly light, then you may be able to get rid of it before it spreads all over.


Take it outside, then open it and remove the filter. You can replace the old filter or wash it with a mix of bleach and water in a 1:10 ratio, letting it soak for about ten minutes and killing off the mould. You should wear safety glasses, a face mask and gloves when you take the unit to a place where you can clean it without spreading mould spores.


Rinse the filter and allow it to air dry. While it dries, you should work on deep cleaning all affected surfaces of the air conditioner with a solution of bleach and water. Rinse off the AC unit, but be extra careful with the electrical components and let them dry before reinstalling the filter.


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Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips



Are you tired of looking at your kitchen and thinking you need to do something about cleaning it, but you feel like the task is too much to handle? You don’t have to worry; you can get it done as long as you’re organised and prepared for what comes ahead. Let’s get started:


Cleaning the Countertops


If you want to do the most basic of work in your kitchen, you must have your countertops clean and free of clutter. You don’t want to have to prepare new food over the stuck-on remnants of your previous meals. It would be best if you started your cleaning work by putting away dirty dishes, small appliances and so forth back in their places. Before you wipe down and disinfect the countertop, you should check its material since different surfaces require different care. Warm, soapy water or diluted white vinegar is enough in most cases.


Clean the Kitchen Floors


The quickest way to clean your kitchen floor is using a humble broom or a vacuum cleaner. Sweep or vacuum the baseboards and the rest of the floor, but keep a rubbish bin nearby if there is any debris to get rid of. Keep kids and pets away from the kitchen while you work so they won’t get in the way. Aside from a daily sweep or vacuuming every couple of days, it would be best if you always mopped the kitchen floors weekly to eliminate grime and other buildups.


How to Clean Kitchen Appliances


Knowing how to clean appliances helps keep your kitchen surfaces clean and free of smudges and stains. If too much time has passed between cleanings, you may have moulds in your refrigerator or unpleasant, sticky countertops. Vinegar cleans your fridge and dishwasher and keeps your stainless steel appliances looking sharp. When cleaning a microwave, you can heat a bowl of water inside, then use the chance to wipe any stuck-on food from inside with a soft cloth.


How to Clean a Stove Top


You must clean your stovetop after each use, as even the smaller spills and splatters eventually build up into bigger messes. Letting stains sit there for a day or two will make them harder to deal with in the long run. 


To clean a glass stove top, use a single-edged scraper on the tougher stains. Use a glass stove cleaner on the rest of the stain, letting it sit before you wipe it clean. When you clean a gas stove top, you should pay close attention to the grates first. Wipe them clean, soak them in hot, soapy water, and, if possible, put them in the dishwasher for a cycle. Clean the stove burners with a small brush and damp cloth before returning them to the stove. Remove the electric coil burners for electric stove tops, wash them with warm, soapy water, and let them dry completely.


Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel


A few household items and vinegar are the secret to keeping your stainless steel appliances free of spots and staining. You can wipe down the stainless steel appliance with a damp microfiber cloth for everyday cleaning. Add a bit of dish soap on the surfaces for any stubborn smudges, then wipe dry with another cloth when you’re done. Wet a cloth with warm, distilled white vinegar for the tougher stains. Please put it on the spot, wait for about 30 minutes and then scrub the area clean. Remember to wipe with the grain when you’re cleaning stainless steel.


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Cleaning Tasks At The Office You Should Not Ignore



Some cleaning tasks at the office should be handled in a timely fashion regularly. And we are going to talk about these tasks in this article.


According to 2019 statistics, the commercial cleaning industry made around $61 billion. Based on these statistics, we can get a pretty good idea of the importance of commercial cleaning. Therefore, it makes sense to hire professional cleaners, especially if you have an office to clean. This article will discuss a few office cleaning tasks that you should never ignore. Let's get started.


First, if you have a large workplace, your best bet is to opt for a commercial office cleaning company. After all, keeping your office neat and clean is essential for hygienic purposes. Moreover, a neat and clean workplace makes a good impression on potential clients or customers.


Now, let's talk about the ultimate office cleaning checklist and share some tips that may help you make these cleaning tasks more manageable.




This cleaning checklist aims to help you clean your office since most business owners don't have the time and tools to clean an office. The good news is that dusting is on the list of cleaning tasks that don't require much time or effort. So, even if you have 10 minutes of spare time, you can dust everything in your offices, including cabinets, monitors, tables, chairs and other accessories.


Dusting will make your office shine and reduce the number of allergens that may cause your employees to suffer from respiratory issues.


Empty trash bins


The purpose of office cleaning is to keep everything neat, clean, tidy and shiny. But that doesn't mean you have to empty the trash cans daily. Based on your office size, you may need to empty your office trash cans more or less often.


Generally, you can empty your trash can once per week. The good news is that you can hire a rubbish removal service to deliver supplies, such as toilet paper and paper towels.




In the past, vacuuming an office required a lot of time and effort. But, today, this cleaning task has become a piece of cake. The good news is that you can invest in high-end vacuum cleaners that feature laser technology to rebuild real-time maps and measure surroundings. This technology is known as the LiDAR system, which is why these vacuum cleaners can navigate everyday office objects like shoes, cables and furniture.


All you need to do is turn on these units, let them move around your office floor, and suck up all the dust and debris.




After dusting, mopping is another not-so-fun activity for office cleaning. However, mopping is essential, especially if you have a non-carpeted office floor. Ignore this cleaning task, and your office floor will become full of gunk and grime.


So, you must pay special attention to your office kitchen and bathrooms. You may hire a professional cleaner to mop your office floor every week.


Wipe and disinfect shared appliances


Apart from dusting and mopping, wiping down shared office appliances is also essential. These appliances include telephones, computer monitors, coffee makers, elevator buttons and blenders. All you need to do is get disinfectant wipes to wipe down handles and buttons. And the beauty of this cleaning task is that it doesn't require more than a few minutes. This activity aims to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria in your office.


So, if you follow your office cleaning checklist every week, you can keep your office free of dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. Make sure that you clean your office regularly.


If you don't have much time to do your office cleaning tasks, we suggest that you hire the services of an excellent commercial cleaner, such as Top Commercial Cleaning London. Their services are high-end and reasonably priced. So, you can contact them for a free-of-charge quote.


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What Should Every Company Know About Commercial Cleaning?


If you are a business owner, you may have to hire the services of professional cleaners from time to time. You are on the right page if you have never hired a cleaning service. In this article, we will talk about things you should know about commercial cleaning. Let's get to the point.


The First Impression


We know that the first impression is the last. Therefore, your office should look neat and clean to your new customers. Your office is the first place that your clients or customer will visit. Thus, your office floors should be shining, work areas organised, and bathrooms cleaned at all times.


In other words, your business reputation will be affected if your office is not neat and clean. In addition, a dirty office can hurt your brand as well. So, you may want to hire the services of a professional cleaner to clean your office and make a good impression on your customer.


Quality cleaning services


Professional cleaners have a lot of experience in this department. Therefore, they know how to clean an office thoroughly. They use the correct equipment, technologies and products to provide the best cleaning services. Regardless of your cleaning needs, you can depend on commercial cleaners.


Commercial cleaners have a pretty good idea of the importance of a neat and clean work environment. Therefore, they can help curb the spread of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Professional cleaning companies offer a wide range of services, such as trash disposal, window cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and floor cleaning.


Healthy Workplace


If you want to promote a healthy workplace, you should hire the services of professional cleaners. After all, your office employees deserve a neat and clean work environment. If your office is full of dust, dirt and germs, it can cause your employees to fall sick. As a result, your employees may suffer from various health issues, such as flu, colds and headaches.


If you hire the services of professional cleaners, we can ensure your employees work in a neat and clean environment.


Saving money


Some business honours believe that commercial cleaning services cost a lot of money. Therefore, they don't hire the services of commercial cleaners, which is a bad idea. If you want your office to look its best, regular cleaning is essential.


It costs a lot of money to purchase office equipment and furniture. In addition, if there is a lot of dust and dirt in your office, it can reduce the lifespan of your office furniture and supplies. So, if you want to save your furniture and other expensive equipment, we suggest that you hire the services of commercial cleaners.


Preventing Problems in the future


Commercial cleaning can help prevent a lot of problems down the road. For example, keeping your floor and carpets neat and clean can help prevent many issues such as water damage, mould, and mildew. On the other hand, using the wrong equipment or product can cause significant damage to your office floors, furniture surfaces and cabinets.


However, if you hire the services of commercial cleaners, you can prevent all these issues. Professional cleaners have a pretty good idea of the production techniques suitable for your office cleaning needs.


Increased productivity


If you want to increase your employee productivity, you need to understand the importance of commercial cleaning. For example, your office employees may not be willing to empty your office trash cans and mop your office floors.


Having your employees clean your office floors can have a negative impact on their morale. As a result, you may have to deal with employee absenteeism and lower productivity. So, if you hire commercial cleaners, you can boost employee morale and enjoy higher productivity.


  1. Reduced absenteeism


If your office is full of germs, dust and dirt, your employees may fall sick. As a result, they will take sick leaves, which will cause a loss of productivity. On the other hand, commercial cleaning can help you keep your office in good shape, free of germs and bacteria. Ultimately, commercial cleaning services can help you reduce absenteeism.


Long story short, these are some of the essential things you need to know about commercial cleaning if you want to manage your office in the best way possible.


If you want to hire the best commercial cleaners, we suggest you try out Top Commercial Cleaning London.


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Cleaning the Office is Always Best With a Commercial Cleaning Company


Cleaning the office is one administrative decision that has to be planned. Should the organisation consider commercial cleaning services, the cost and its implication on the company? There is no doubt that the big successful companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others retain commercial cleaning services. We will look at how these commercial cleaning companies can help your organisation grow with an enabling environment.

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FastKlean, as one of London's top commercial cleaning companies, will provide your organisation with the best services in office cleaning. Thus, we will give you some points why you should use a commercial cleaning service for your office.

Improve employees productivity

Your employees have various assigned roles, and the office cleaning should not be a distraction for them. However, the upkeep of the office is a meaner task for employees and may affect their morale. Also, it may raise conflicts in sharing the responsibilities of cleaning the office. Therefore, using a more professional service is better and getting it done correctly with a commercial cleaning service. In turn, your employees can focus on the tasks assigned to them without any distraction, improving performance.

Compliances with the cleaning standard

As an organisation, you operate with specified laws and laid down standards. And the safety and convenience of workers are at the hands of the organisation, and a good working environment is one of those requirements. And this is one of the reasons you should give the job of cleaning the office to professional cleaning services. As one of the top London top commercial cleaning companies, we know the standard requirement to ensure you are in line with the monitoring agency. So we will guarantee your employee's safety with our expertise in cleaning services.

Good health increases productivity

A clean working environment will improve the health of your employees and reduce their sick days off. To achieve this, you will need professionals who will use suitable cleaning materials to ensure the workplace is clean and healthy. For example, an office is usually a place of much traffic and activities, which leave debris, droplets, liquid waste of different kinds after each day’s work. Without proper cleaning, these specks of dirt each day can lead to infections in the office, leading to an increasing number of sick days. But we can avoid this with effective and efficient professional cleaning services.

An uninterrupted flow of work hours

Now imagine the number of work hours that will be lost when you employees have to manage the office cleaning. They will lose valuable work hours cleaning and recovering from the time spent cleaning before they eventually work. But with a commercial cleaning company handling the office space cleaning, employees will hit the desk as soon as they come into the office. As a professional cleaning company, we schedule the office cleaning late after a close hour or very early before the office resumes, ensuring non-interruption of work hours. We do our work when no one is in the office and prepare the office for the next day's operation without losing working hours.

Save money with a commercial cleaning company.

One aim of running a successful business is to reduce expenditure and maximise profit. Using the services of a commercial cleaning company will help you save money in the long run. Proper cleaning of your assets such as furniture, flooring, covers, and wallpapers will prolong their lifespan, and you will not necessarily need to get a new one. Also, you will reduce the cost of buying cleaning agents with a commercial cleaning company, which can quickly run out with the employees taking care of the cleaning.  

Improving the image of the company

It is vital to create an impression on prospective clients and visitors to your office as an organisation. For example, when you have a contract with a professional cleaning agency, your office will always be in good condition, and clients will be impressed with consistency in the upkeep of your organisation. This consistency will build an atmosphere of effectiveness, and your client will feel more comfortable doing business with your organisation.

From the above points, you can agree that you will need a commercial cleaning company for your company.


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5 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Office Regularly


Are you planning to deep clean your office soon? Perhaps you are not sure why you should opt for deep clean instead of regular fast clean? Well, you came to the right place. We discuss all the reasons below. Check it out.



How often do you deep clean your office? Monthly? Quarterly? Twice a year? Perhaps once a year?

More often than not, people tend to think deep cleaning is for domestic reasons alone. Sure, domestic homes need regular deep cleaning but so does your office. Think about it, why do we deep clean our homes? Careful consideration will prove that your office needs as much cleaning – if not more due to the high traffic. This is where you spend most of your day. Also, this is one of your biggest investments. If you are not convinced yet, stay with us as we go into details, exploring 5 Reasons to Deep Clean Your Office Regularly. But before we jump into that, please click on Subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

Now, let’s get to it!

Protects your health

Health, they say, is wealth. Since you and your employees spend most of your time in the office, it is a no-brainer that this place should receive just as much cleaning as your home – if not more. Offices usually have more people coming in and going out. This makes it easy to build up dirt and germs and even easier to spread the germs to you, your employees and visiting customers. Needless to say how bad this can get. To protect yourself, your employees and customers, you should pay more attention to cleaning beyond the regular vacuuming.

Removes hidden germs

This is one of the most important reasons to deep clean your office. Regular vacuuming or standard cleaning do not cut it. Instead of hurriedly cleaning high traffic areas, deep cleaning services go a tad further to fish out hidden germs. Yes, high traffic areas tend to house the most dirt and germs, however, buildups are often found in hidden areas with less traffic. Obviously, because these areas are hidden away from the eyes, they get less cleaning attention. This is why they pose the biggest threat to you and other inhabitants of the building.

Boosts credibility

Imagine walking into an office and you see dirt all over the place. Let’s say you walk into an office and immediately start coughing due to the dust and allergen buildup in the place. Will you trust such a business? Absolutely not! Beyond your excellent reviews and top-notch advertising, your customers want to get to know you as a person. They will evaluate your business on many other grounds that may not have anything to do with your products or services. One of such is customer service and cleanliness. If found wanting, you could lose potential customers even with great products and reviews.

Prolongs the use-life of your investments

Undoubtedly, your business is one of your biggest investments ever. You must have spent a fortune on the building, furniture, equipment, flooring, and other relevant office items. And yes, you will need insurance to protect this huge investment. However, you also need regular cleaning and maintenance to protect this investment. Poor cleaning and maintenance could cost you so much more than you think. A small leak that was ignored or mould buildup in some hidden areas could cause so much damage to the building. In addition to that, poor cleaning and maintenance could also pose a danger to your equipment, furniture, and flooring.

Increase productivity

Still not sure why you should deep clean your office? Your employees cannot be productive if they keep falling ill. Sometimes, these illnesses are not just because of stress or burnout. It could be a result of the constant exposure to dust, dirt, and allergens. Thus, leading to many sick leaves. This will greatly affect their productivity and overall sales.

Bonus tip!

your customers happy and loyal

The goal of every business is to grow its customer base and increase its income. You cannot achieve that without happy and loyal customers. In the same vein, you cannot attract and keep happy and loyal customers unless they completely trust your business. If nothing else, for the sake of the growth of your business, you should totally pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance.

Office cleaning is important for many reasons. From health reasons to business growth, as a smart business owner, you should definitely plan to deep clean your office from time to time. Don’t hesitate to contact FastKlean to book deep cleaning services for your office.

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Tips for Hiring the Right Office Cleaning Company for You


You have only one chance to make a first impression on your clients and customers. How your office looks is the first thing your prospective clients and customers will notice as soon as they step in through the main entrance. During the ongoing pandemic, you must show your commitment to keeping your office clean by hiring a commercial cleaning company in London.

An easy way of keeping your space clean is to hire the services of an office cleaning company. If you want to find the best company, we suggest that you consider the tips given in this article. Read on to find out more.


Ask Around
Asking around is one of the most reliable ways to look for a good office cleaning company. You can ask your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues for recommendations. This approach will help you get started and make a list of reliable providers. Some of them may have worked with a good office cleaning company before.


Besides, if a friend or neighbour of yours manages a business, they can also recommend a good office cleaner to you.


Check out Reviews
Reading reviews on the internet is another easy way of finding out about a commercial cleaning company in London. You can make your search on Facebook, Google, and Bing. Reputable cleaning companies receive tons of reviews from their satisfied customers.


And don't forget to check the business websites of the cleaners on your list. Testimonials can also help you find out if the company you want to work with is reliable.


Consider Your Business Needs
Since one size does not fit everyone, make sure you look for a commercial cleaning company in London that can cover your needs. For instance, the cleaning requirements of a medical facility and a traditional business are different. Besides, you may want to choose a provider based on the type of premises your office is located in.

Based on the mentioned factors, the cleaning company will use the right type of tools and equipment for cleaning and providing the best results. Therefore, you must consider your cleaning requirements before you hire a good cleaning service.

Go with an Experienced provider
If you want to get a good idea of the capabilities of the cleaning company, we suggest that you ask them about references to some of the businesses they have worked in the past. Companies with a lot of experience and a proven track record tend to deliver excellent results.

If your desired cleaning company gives you a list of businesses they have served before, you can contact those clients to find out if they are happy with the services they received. An established office cleaning company has a loyal customer base.

Ask About their Safety Measures
Employee and customer safety is the number one priority of any business or company. Hiring a commercial cleaning company in London can improve the safety of your workplace, make sure you don't end up introducing additional hazards during the cleaning process.

You need to ask some important questions to make sure that the cleaning company will ensure the safety of your workplace and the employees.

First of all, you should find out if the company is licensed and insured. If you want to reduce your company liability, hiring a company with insurance is a stroke of genius.

Also, you want to ask about the training of the employees of the company. Since office cleaning involves the use of dangerous equipment and chemicals, only trained employees should be allowed to perform the cleaning.

Get a Quote from each provider
Last but not least, make sure you get multiple quotes before deciding on a good cleaning company. Before you get a quote, don't forget to explain your business needs to the provider.

Explaining your business needs is essential to get an accurate cost estimate from your shortlisted companies. If your desired company gives you a quote that is beyond your budget, it is better that you walk away. It is not a good idea to cross your budget limits.

Long story short, we suggest that you consider these six tips if you are looking to hire a good commercial cleaning company in London.

At Top Commercial Cleaning London, you can hire the services of trained and experienced office cleaners. The company offers reliable and fairly priced cleaning services across London.

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6 Crucial Areas to Address When Cleaning the Office


While many business owners choose to trust expert cleaners with the maintenance of their offices, others prefer to tackle the task on their own. Unlike professional cleaning companies, however, you can't be familiar with the best cleaning hacks that ensure a super clean office space. Still, you can try to provide a healthy working environment for your colleagues by disinfecting all the important spots on the premises. Here's is a list with the most crucial areas to sanitise when cleaning the office is your responsibility:


  • The furniture - have you noticed that over time the sofa and the chairs at your place can collect lots of dust and dirt? The same fact is valid for office furniture, which is why perfect disinfection should be provided. Once a week vacuum clean and spot treat the upholstery, especially if your office welcomes customers daily. Spotless furniture is a must for any office space, that's why sparkly clean upholstery should be prioritised.


  • The computers and their accessories - wiping office desks frequently sound like common sense, but many people forget that computers, keyboards and mouse trap dust as well. And dust is not the only problem here - germs should be eliminated too. So bear in mind that you need to wipe clean the computers at the office as often as you disinfect the desks. In less than a few minutes you would be able to ensure a healthy environment for your employees.


  • The floors - when it comes to a clean office, sanitising the floors has to be completed to perfection. Whether it is the kitchen floor or the floor in the restroom, these surfaces get extremely dirty, unless seriously cleaned. If your office benefits from a beautiful carpet, vacuum clean the addition at least once a week, so that you can prevent it from trapping not only grime but poor odours as well. For wooden floors and laminate, you can try some green cleaning approaches and get the most natural mixtures of water and white vinegar.


  • The windows - very often it is the windows at the office that clients notice right after they have entered the premises. You should keep them squeaky clean, no matter how challenging their maintenance might seem. Again, you can count on an eco-friendly cleaning solution with water and white vinegar to provide spotless office windows. Yet in case you have a lot of tall windows at the office, you should book a professional office cleaning service for your safety.


  • Handles - any type of handles at the office - microwave and refrigerator handle, door handles - attract and transfer dangerous bacteria you should get rid of at any costs. Because handles are the most frequently touched objects at the office, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of perfectly disinfecting these surfaces. Fortunately cleaning the handles can be carried out in a flash - simply wipe them once a week with anti-bacterial wipes and you will be ready with the chore before you know it.


  • Under the chairs - as you have already found out, the upholstery of your office furniture should be disinfected regularly, but what about under the chairs? Since that area stays out of sight, it is one of the most neglected spots you should clean just as regularly. Clean the bottoms of your office chairs each time you address the upholstery so that you can rest assured no dust and grime would compromise the safety of the office environment.


A sparkly clean office is a must not only for the good image of your business but for the well-being of your employees as well. Make sure that these crucial areas are perfectly disinfected so that you can be certain you haven't missed a spot and your office is a safe place to work.


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6 Typical Office Cleaning Mistakes you Should Stop Making


Cleaning your office regularly is a must and you shouldn't compromise with the quality and effectiveness of the cleaning methods you depend on. In case your working space doesn't look its best, perhaps you are making cleaning mistakes that have a negative impact on the immaculate vision of the office. Read on to discover typical cleaning mistakes people encounter while cleaning their offices and try to avoid them at any cost:


  • Irregular cleaning – it is simple to realise why skipping on regular office cleaning sessions is on top of that list. Accumulated dust and dirt are harmful to the health of your employees and grime surely ruins the perfect appearance of the space. To avoid this dangerous office cleaning mistake, schedule a regular visit from your cleaning company or deal with the chores by yourself on time. The longer you postpone office cleaning, the more challenging the task becomes.


  • Applying many commercial products – no one would question the effectiveness of store-bought cleaning detergents, yet they are not as harmless as you may believe. Many commercial products are full of dangerous chemicals that pose a threat to the health of your colleagues, that’s why you should limit the wide application of toxic detergents. Instead, do your best to rely on as many eco-friendly cleaning ingredients as possible. Green products are just as powerful as their chemical alternatives and the positive sides of natural solutions are worth considering. If green cleaning is something you may get interested in, you can even prepare your solutions to disinfect office surfaces with.


  • Relying solely on your co-workers – normally, your employees should be smart people who would gladly take care of arranging their desks regularly. Cleaning the office from top to the bottom, however, is a task you shouldn’t pass on to your colleagues. The goal of your employees is to contribute to expanding your business, rather than wasting time dusting shelves. Expecting too much from your co-workers is a mistake you shouldn’t make, otherwise, their motivation to stay involved in improving your business would decrease significantly.


  • Overlooking the appropriate tools – if office chores are your responsibility, you should count on the right equipment, so that you can make sure all surfaces have been perfectly cleaned. Often non-experts can’t pick the right tool or detergent for a cleaning task, which leads to dissatisfying results or sometimes even costly repairs. Choosing the wrong office cleaning equipment is a mistake you can easily avoid – look for info that contains effective office cleaning methods and try to avoid experimenting with equipment you are not certain meets the needs of the tour office.


  • Skipping daily carpet care – many office spaces benefit from a beautiful carpet that makes the room feel cosy for both employees and visitors. Unfortunately, daily carpet cleaning is a chore business owners tend to underestimate and this mistake becomes obvious very quickly. Unless cleaned daily, an office carpet traps a huge amount of dust and debris, which leads to unpleasant scents and neglected appearance. Don’t stick to the idea that cleaning the carpet at the office once a week is enough, but take your time to handle the task every day.


  • Ignoring professional help – just like you shouldn’t expect that your employees have to be fully responsible for office cleaning, it is a mistake to do the heavy lifting on your own. Professional office cleaning companies are capable of dealing with any cleaning task for you, while you can invest your time in growing your business. Consider hiring expert help and all office cleaning mistakes would be certainly avoided.


Working at a squeaky clean office is crucial for the well-being of your employees, as well as for the progress of your business. As a business owner, you should do your best to steer clear of these common office cleaning mistakes, so that you can ensure a safe and welcoming working environment.


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5 Steps to Declutter and Organise Your Office Space


When you think about it, sometimes you spend more time at the office working, instead of lying on the couch at home, reading a nice book. Sadly you can’t always grab your stuff and leave the office on time, but the least you can do is to transform the messy space into a cosy premise. Working at a clean, well-organised office boosts productivity and allows you to feel satisfied with your job. Make the area feel spacious right away in only five simple steps from professional commercial cleaners London:


  • Find time to clean – when you are overwhelmed with your job, cleaning is often the last thing on your mind. Yet with the amount of work you need to tackle, you would never find the right moment to sparkle the office, unless you put cleaning on your calendar. Pick a few hours of a specific day and use that time for nothing else but cleaning. This way chores wouldn’t interfere with other tasks and you would know that no matter how busy you are, you have already found the time to clean.


  • Purge your belongings – now that you are free to organise the office, it’s time to evaluate what items you use and which ones need to be sent away. If clutter has already become an issue for you, you need to part with objects that you never benefit from. In case you are uncertain what should be thrown away, make a list of your belongings. In a week or two, take a look at that list and cross off everything that remained untouched during that period. These are the belongings you should toss aside or donate.


  • Sort out and reorganise – organising your office space doesn’t end with decluttering- you need to figure out an appropriate strategy to make the premise look spacious and cosy. If up till know you had too much stuff to find room for, now you can afford the luxury of rearranging the office. Consider the items you use the most while working and leave them close by. Other belongings may be stored in drawers or shelves that are further away from you. Think about the entire image of your office- do you like the position of your desk or your small coffee table? If you are not fascinated with the overall appearance of the space, customers are probably in the same opinion. Make the office efficient by rearranging not only items but furniture as well, so that the place looks roomy and comfortable.


  • Consider making small changes – fear not, you shouldn’t redesign the entire office, but you can alter a few things that would have a positive impact on your productivity. Purchase new supplies like a trash bin, document trays and pens. Of course, the functionality should be first on your agenda, but you can still have some fun by experimenting with colourful brand-new office supplies. Your reorganised space should be both efficient and satisfying to work at and new supplies would get you in the mood for completing your tasks effortlessly.


  • Tackle deep cleaning – your office looks perfectly organised, your desk has been decluttered, but what about all surfaces around you? As you have already found the time to clean, make the most of it by wiping down your monitor, keyboard and all other machines at the office. Don’t forget to disinfect the computer mouse and the desk with an appropriate cleaning solution. Make sure you dust the shelves to improve the air quality in the premise. Finally, swipe or vacuum clean the floor to provide not only a perfect working environment but also an ideal impression of your office space.


In only five easy steps you can eliminate office clutter and ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. Repeat the procedure now and then to preserve the outstanding appearance of your office.


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6 Steps to a Cleaner Office - Start Now



No one can argue the fact that the level of cleanness at the office matters. You feel stressed and disorganised without any obvious reason? Take a look around your working area. If you see dust and clutter, the problem becomes simple to notice. An office that is in poor condition can not only slow down the working process but has a negative impact on your attitude towards the job as well. In case it is difficult for you to figure out how to maintain an ideal workspace, stick to these clear guidelines to a healthy, fresh office environment.


  • Leave food in the kitchen – oily meals and even fresh salads don’t belong to your desk. It is not a sign of a well-organised employee if you prefer having a bite at the office instead of using the appropriate premise- the kitchen. When eating on your desk, accidents that may ruin important documents are a probable outcome. So keep food away from your desk to enjoy a spotless working area.


  • Take care of your machines – you cannot imagine working in an office without relying on a powerful computer and a printer. Keep them in perfect working order by not letting dust build up on top of your devices, as well as inside them. Since a healthy office is your prime objective, don’t forget to sanitise your monitor, keyboard and a computer mouse. The best way to disinfect the devices is to use a proper detergent and a clean, soft microfiber cloth.


  • Organise your paperwork – paper documents often create the greatest mess on your desk. Many people keep old invoices, quotations and all sorts of info, printed on paper, with a persistent belief they would eventually need any of these. Of course, this habit leads to chaos. Instead of allowing the paper to steal your ability to focus, learn how to sort documents the right way. It is also a great solution to the paper problem to digitalise and archive old documents in a folder on your computer.


  • Sort out your belongings – considering the amount of time you spend at the office, it is your instinct to make it feel like home. That’s why your desk shelters numerous personal items of sentimental value. Stuffed animals, birthday cards and photos of your loved ones pile up on your desk and mess becomes visible. It may be difficult for you, but you should remove many of these things and leave only one or two that mean the most to you. Otherwise, you would have to lose precious time constantly rearranging your messy workspace. Besides, these objects are a huge dust magnet.


  • Go through your office supplies – any office-related job needs special supplies like pens and paper clips to be precisely done. Since these are low-cost items, people tend to get carried away purchasing them, which ends up in a huge number of useless items. Check all of your pens and throw away the ones that don’t work and have no sentimental value to you. Make space only for a few paper clips, you wouldn’t need hundreds of them. As you look at your spacious decluttered desk, you will know this step made a huge difference.


  • Be strict with cleaning – maintain a dust-free, spotless office the same way you handle the chore at home. A tidy workspace boosts motivation and eliminates stress. For that reason, you should regularly clean the floor, wipe the desk and wash the windows. In case there is no way for you to invest time in the cleaning process, benefit from a professional cleaning service.


It takes no time for these steps to become a new routine. Combined, they will positively affect the working process, since employees will be glad to work in a safe, clean environment.

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8 Handy Tips on Creating a Working Budget for Your Office Relocation


Drafting a budget for any project is not an easy task. Drafting a financial budget for office relocation is even more daunting.


There are too many parameters that must be factored into the plan. Even worse, a little mistake could ruin the entire project. Talk about frustrating!


This is why office relocation is tagged exhaustively and incredibly daunting. However, there are a few handy tips that could help to expedite the process and make it a fun experience. 


Do well to check out these few tips as you get started with your office relocation budget.

Getting Started


Create a Plan


A common mistake most people make is to get started with the budget without drafting out a plan first. Office relocation is a huge project. Being a commercial office, you could easily forget a thing or two, and these little mistakes wield power to ruin the entire project. Therefore, it is essential to create a plan of all the factors involved before drafting out your budget. Be sure to consider all factors, including the number of staff in the office, the equipment & furniture, ongoing occupancy costs, design cost, transaction fees, environmental assessment, and other expenses. It is also important to budget for what’s left behind - if anything. You could break the relocation plan into parts so it will be easier to track your progress as the project begins.


Meet With Experts


Setting a budget without consulting with an expert might cost you more in the long run. The truth is, there are things that only experts have the eye for. Experts typically pay action to details that you would ordinarily ignore. And these tiny details could make all the difference in your relocation project. Hence, it is advisable to consult with an expert who is capable of estimating the exact cost of moving. Do not succumb to online estimates or over-the-phone estimate as they can be grossly inaccurate. There is a huge difference between an online estimate and an on-site estimate. Always make sure the expert is there to see the size of the office and the factors involved before getting a quote from him or her. This will save you a lot of trouble and time down the line.


Get Multiple Quotes


While planning to draft a realistic budget, it is not enough to get quotes on different expenses. You should endeavour to get multiple quotes from several suppliers. This will allow you to select the most cost-effective supplier to work with. It will be time-consuming, but you have to take the time so you won’t spend heavily on something you could have gotten for less. 


Be Practical


Sticking to a budget is exceptionally difficult when the budget is not practical. This is a common mistake most people make while drafting a budget. Sure, you know the estimated amount you are willing to spend on the project, but how wide is the difference between the real price and your estimated price. Fixing a price way lower than the actual price means you would run out of cash before the end of the project. Creating an unrealistic budget is the primary reason why most projects fail. For a commercial project of this scale, it is critical to get all the factors involved before setting an estimated price. In the end, the estimated cost should not be very different from the actual price. Experts advise you create a spreadsheet with three columns, showing the estimated price, actual price, and the difference. Be sure to keep the differences at the lowest possible level. Remember, prices could change in the near future. Be realistic!


Now to the expenses


Capital Outlays and Occupancy Costs


Some of the major expenses you will come across in your plan can be grouped into capital outlays and occupancy costs. Capital outlays are the one-time expenses you will have to embark on such as new furniture, interior design, telecommunication system, installation of IT equipment, stamp duty land tax, rental deposit, etc. While occupancy costs involve ongoing expenses such as business rates, rent, building insurance, service charges, and the likes. These two categories of costs make the bulk of all your costs, and as such, you should take the time to analyze them while planning your budget critically.


Employee-centric expenses


Office relocation can be good for the business. It doesn’t just give the office a facelift, but it also allows you to completely re-brand the company. That said, you should also keep in mind that relocating your office involves relocating your staff too. This may likely lead to more travel expenses or maybe a salary raise. Except, of course, a majority of your team live close to the new site. Be sure to factor these expenses into your budget as they are just as important. Don’t be caught unaware.


Other Expenses


Besides the expenses above, there are several other expenses that you are most likely to come across as you get started with your project. Examples include legal and agent fees, removal/exit costs, temporary storage, security system, HR costs, marketing costs, fire plan assessment, contingency costs, etc. 



Bonus Tip

Get a Tax Break

There are too many expenses to cover. It feels like spending never ends. What can be more frustrating! Well, it doesn’t have to be that frustrating. What if I told you that you could get some tax deduction for your moving expenses? Yes, you can! Certain moving expenses are classified as tax-deductible for your company. What better time to take advantage of this than now? This will save you a whole bunch of cash and expedite the process too. It is advisable to seek professional advice from an expert. Trust me; you would be surprised at the amount you can get back at the end of the day. Expenses such as travel costs, utility fees, moving materials, and shipping fees are known to be tax-deductible. To enjoy this ‘free cash,’ you should be sure to keep all paperwork.

Don’t ruin a fun experience by being unprepared. Take the time to draft a realistic budget today!

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Poor hygiene habits in the office that you need to change

There is no doubt that keeping your office in a clean and tidy state is very important. Not only does this ensure your health and wellbeing in the workplace where you spend a good amount of hours each day, but it is also crucial for your performance. To keep the good hygiene there, you needn’t rely solely on office cleaning service, but also identify the habits that contribute to the less-than-ideal office environment and correct them. It is easy to forget about cleaning in the busy everyday life, but you need to stay on top of those demands to have a happy time in your office. Here are a few mistakes you should reconsider:

  • You leave your coffee mug without cleaning it – if you cannot do without a steaming mug full of coffee or tea next to you on the desk, you aren’t alone. Many people love the refreshing effects of such a drink, but you needn’t forget about cleaning the mug. It can accumulate a big amount of germs and bacteria if you leave it without washing. Needless to say, this poses a health risk, since you are likely using it on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want to drink from a mug that has become a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria, would you? That is why it is best to give your cup a good wash before you leave the office. You will take greater pleasure with your morning drink when you come the next day.
  • You don’t wipe your desk routinely – even though your company may have employed an office cleaning service to keep the place presentable, you should not rely solely on them for this task. Yes, the cleaner may do a quick wipe of your desk, but that is not enough to keep the place clean. You need to do a little work yourself, by wiping the area thoroughly every now and then. You can use only plain water and a microfibre cloth, though for better results you can also use an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Clean the peripherals – did you know that the peripherals on your desktop computer probably harbour more germs and bacteria than your average toilet seat. Yes, it is true. Your mouse and keyboard see daily use and accumulate a ton of bacteria. You would much rather not have any contact with those, as they are known to cause various illnesses. To remedy the situation, you should do a weekly wipe of these items. Rubbing alcohol works great for the purpose.
  • You don’t wash your cutlery and dish – if you bring your own lunch to the office, don’t forget to wash your cutlery and dish when you are done eating. Leaving them out in the open is a sure way to let them become breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Besides, it speaks very poorly of your personal habits, which is not something you want.
  • You eat on your desk – even if the office you work in has no dedicated kitchen, you should not eat on your desk. Crumbs and other food debris can get stuck in the keyboard, not to mention you can make a mess of the desk. You should always try to eat in the kitchen or go outside of the office on your lunch break. Turn this into your habit for getting some quality me-time.

As you can see, there are quite a few habits in regards to hygiene in the office that you should change. Once you do that, you can better focus on your work and have a better time in the office.

Find out other useful tricks for cleaning the office with Top Commercial Cleaning London.


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